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Sep 19, 2017

Mahin and SIM talk to Nour Goda about her journey back to Islam, her divorce,"Wolf Shaykhs" and her experiences working with modernist/reformist Muslims.

Nour Goda is an educator, writer, lecturer, and podcaster.  



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Sep 13, 2017

Mahin and SIM talk to Rashid Dar about his rediscovery of Islam in his formative years, working for a Washington based think tank and talk about his paper "The Other C-Word".

Rashid Dar writes on foreign policy, Muslims in the west, he works for Washington based think tank and is also a student of Dar ul-Qasim based out...

Sep 6, 2017

Mahin and SIM have a casual conversation with Dr. Jonathan Brown.

We talk to him about Turkey, the Rohingya, the Adnan Syed case, 9/11 conspiracy theories, call out culture, reparations for slavery and the recent Mad Mamluks controversy.


Mahin and SIM


Jonathan A.C. Brown is an...

Aug 24, 2017

EP 078: Once More Around The Moon | Roundtable

We talk about the culture of victimization, race relations, Colin Kaepernick, White Supremacists.


Mort, Moga, Mahin and SIM


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Aug 17, 2017

He's back.  Mahin, SIM and Sh. Amir talk to Dr. Ghilan about the effects of Philosophy in the modern psyche. We talk about Postmodernism, Existentialism, Stoicism, and Spiritual Development. As well as comparing approaches to the tradition between the present and the past.

Dr. Ghilan is a neuroscientist, Islamic...