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Sep 11, 2016

It's imperative we make clear that our guest today was asked by our team to keep his identity anonymous due to potential legal ramifications. He is not in any way hiding or embarrassed about his relationship. Enjoy!



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Sep 11, 2016

Hosts: Mahin Islam, Imran Muneer (SIM), Murtaza Siddiqui, Shaykh Amir Saeed If the intro of this episode went over your head.. It's a parody of some of the refutation videos on YouTube posted by people who have made their mission in life to refute other scholars and/or organizations.  The language we used in the parody...

Sep 11, 2016

Adeel J. Zeb is an interfaith scholar, TEDx speaker, and certified Muslim Chaplain. He is the Co-University Muslim Chaplain at The Claremont Colleges. He was formerly the Muslim Chaplain/Director of Muslim Life at Duke University. He previously served as the Muslim Chaplain/Imam at Wesleyan University, Trinity College,...

Sep 11, 2016

Shaykh Amir, SIM and Mahin sit down with Irtiza Hasan who is the founding manager of AlMaghrib Institute.  Today AlMaghrib is known as the largest in person Islamic studies institute with regular classes in over 40 cities across the world.  Over a decade ago, Irtiza took a two year break from his oil and gas career to...

Sep 11, 2016

SIM and Mahin sit down with Maria Ahmad who represents Maria Ahmad is the co-founder of Book A Muslim. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University, and then obtained her Master’s degree in Higher Education from Northern Illinois University. Her involvement in campus...